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French Doors

French garden doors are a stylish solution and an essential part of any deck or patio. Allow your outdoor and indoor space to flow seamlessly into the other with gorgeous french doors from Windowsville.

energy efficient french doors
french doors from windowsville

Enjoy A Full View of the Outdoors

Our beautiful French doors can be crafted from steel or fibreglass, granting you a vast array of choices to personalize your home and a multitude of benefits. As well, our garden doors can be complemented with a range of sidelights and transoms to create the perfect entrance for your outdoor door replacement.

Windowsville Windows & Doors French doors offer the perfect combination of breathtaking views and security for your family. You can choose between a variety of glazing options and hardware to enhance your style and the aesthetic of your home. Grilles, privacy mini blinds between the glass, and operable windows are all features that can be incorporated into the French garden doors to provide added protection, as well as control of airflow.

Benefits of French Doors

French doors are a great addition to any home as they offer a variety of benefits. Aside from providing natural light and easy access to outdoor areas, they can also offer:


  • Increased energy efficiency: French doors equipped with low-E glazing systems can minimize air leakage, helping to keep your home’s temperature regulated.


  • Increased durability: With an adjustable hinge system or rollers, French doors are designed to withstand more wear and tear than regular door models.


  • Enhanced security: The locks on French doors usually offer a higher level of security than standard door locks since they feature deadbolts that secure the two leaves together.


  • Aesthetic appeal: With their classic style and clean lines, French doors can add an elegant touch to any living environment.

Your Vision, Our Door!

Create a look that is all your own with our luxurious, state-of-the-art, advanced finishes and vibrant paints. No matter if your style is modern or traditional, you'll find the perfect door surface to match your home — available nationwide. With our curated finish collection, you can coordinate the colour of your door with other exterior finishes, such as siding, shingles, stone, and roofing.

Stain Options

With our Superior Oak, Mahogany, and Smooth Skin techniques, you can have an authentic stained wood or smooth finish. Our doors not only look like real wood but provide a warm texture without the disadvantages of natural deterioration for wood doors.

Paint Options

Choose from a variety of colours to coordinate perfectly. From crisp white to stylish black, our curated palette of high-appeal paints will guarantee a stunning appearance season after season.

** The options above are a small sample of colours and finishes available from Windowsville. Due to wide range monitor rendering discrepancies, it is best to contact us and get help from our qualified consultants at no cost or obligation. **

Door Glass Options

Windowsville offers an extensive line of glass options to choose from, ranging in the degree of light, privacy, and design. The following options are available:

low e glass in french doors


Energy-saving Low-E coated glass is a simple yet elegant option for your fiberglass door. This specialized glass has a clear, high-tech coating that helps keep heat inside the home during cold weather and reflects the sun's rays to keep the home cool in warm weather. As an added bonus, Low-E coating also safeguards floors and furniture from fading.


Internal mini-blinds are a timeless classic, perfect for controlling the amount of natural light let into your home while also maintaining absolute privacy. They are also easy to use and require minimal maintenance, making them an ideal choice for any home. Adding a venting unit with the option to add grilles is another great choice for your home. The counterweight system makes the unit easy and safe to use, while the variety of sizes ensures you get the perfect fit for your needs.

functional glass in french doors
grilles in french doors


Make your French door extra special by adding a unique, decorative grille pattern. Decorative grilles can turn a standard door into an extraordinary piece and add an entirely new dimension to the appearance of your home. The majority of homeowners love the look of grilles in their doors to complement the architectural design and enhance the overall look of their home. Interior grilles are installed between the glass units, eliminating any need for maintenance and keeping the window surface smooth for easy cleaning. Exterior grilles provide a classic, hand-crafted look while still including a single sealed glass unit - giving you both aesthetic value and durability.

Door Configurations

Windowsville doors can be combined with a selection of transoms and sidelites to bring additional style to your home's entrance. Below are some of the main options for your door's structure. There are countless additional configuration options available for doors, sidelites, and transoms, due to their varying sizes, shapes, and designs. This allows you to customize your door to fit perfectly in your home décor and truly make it one-of-a-kind.

single door

Single Door

single door with one sidelite

Single Door w/ one sidelite

single door with two sidelites

Single Door w/ two sidelites

double door

Double Door

double doors with two sidelites

Double Door w/ Two Sidelites

double doors with two sidelites

Double Door w/ Two Sidelites

single door with transom

Single Door w/ transom

single door with transom

Single Door w/ transom

single door with side lite and transom

Single Door w/ sidelite and transom

single door with two sidelites and transom

Single door w/ two sidelites and transom

double door with transom

Double door w/ transom

double door with two sidelites transom

Double door w/ two sidelites and transom

Hardware Options

When it comes to hardware, Windowsville offers an array of lock designs, shapes, and features to match your style and aesthetic. Not only are these locks visually appealing but their multi-point locking system ensures superior security.

knob with deadbolt

Knob & Deadbolt



lever plate

Lever Plate

electronic lock


pull bar

Pull bar

Frequently Asked Questions About French Doors

French doors provide excellent ventilation and natural light, making them perfect for outdoor living spaces like patios and decks. They can also be a great way to create an open, airy feeling inside the home by connecting interior rooms with the outdoors.

Yes, regular maintenance is necessary to keep your French Doors looking their best and functional over time. You should clean off dirt or debris every few weeks and use a mild soap solution to clean off dirt or dust buildup once a year. Additionally, make sure you check all hinges and locks regularly to ensure they're functioning correctly.

French doors require at least 7 feet of clear opening space for them to open and close properly.

Features like adjustable hinges or rollers can be added to increase their security and durability over time. Additionally, French doors offer natural light into any living space for aesthetic purposes as well as easy access to outdoor areas.

To maintain a French door’s integrity over time it should be inspected regularly for issues such as broken glass or frame deterioration due to weathering. The hardware should also be assessed periodically and replaced if necessary in order to ensure that they continue to function properly in the future.

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The Canada Greener Homes Grant can be used to upgrade windows and doors in your home. To qualify for the grant, you must meet all eligibility criteria and submit an online application. The grant covers up to 25% of the project cost with a maximum amount of $5,000 per household. This can help greatly reduce the cost of adding French doors to your home while also improving its energy efficiency, durability, security, and aesthetic appeal.

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