energy efficient storm door

Storm Doors

A storm door is an exterior door placed in front of the main door as a protection against harsh weather, or to allow additional air flow when the weather is perfect for ventilation. They are a great addition to the main access door both for additional energy efficiency and versatility.

energy efficient storm door
storm door 09

Protect your exterior door from bad weather while allowing ventilation

With built-in screens you can roll up or down, the storm doors allow to switch seamlessly between more protection and more air flow. In addition, storm doors protect the main door against damage from elements or accidents.

All Windowsville Windows & Doors storm doors are made of sturdy aluminum to withstand harsh Canadian weather and come in a variety of colours, glass designs and locking systems, making our products perfect for much-needed door replacements.

Your Vision, Our Door!

Create your own unique style with rich, state-of-the-art, high-performance finishes and colourful paints. Find the door surface that coordinates best with your home, from modern to traditional styles, nationwide. Our curated finish collection will allow you to coordinate the colour of your door with other exterior finishes, including siding, roofing, stone and shingles.

Paint Options

Choose from a variety of colours to coordinate perfectly. From crisp white to stylish black, our curated palette of high-appeal paints will guarantee stunning appearance season after season.

** The options above are a small sample of colours and finishes available from Windowsville. Due to wide range monitor rendering discrepancies, it is best to contact us and get help from our qualified consultants at no cost or obligation. **

Glass Options











15 Square

15 Square

Frame Options

tri-lite traditional


One-Lite Frame

One Lite

Full View Frame

Full View

Hi-View Frame


self storing frame

Self Storing

Extended View Frame

Extended View

Handle & Lock Options


DX Handle

AJ Level Handle

AJ Lever

Mortise Lever Handle

Mortise Lever

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